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From the time you step off the plane onto the African soil, there's something to do to keep you entertained and loading with memories. From the busking cultures of the capital cities, the bird life that sprawls the city suburbs skies, to the sanctuary islands home to busking life of chimpanzee,.


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Keep heads up with some of the frequently asked questions before going for a Uganda Safari.

Is Uganda Safe?
Uganda is one of the safest and most welcoming countries in Africa especially for visitors to the country more so if visitors follow certain security and safety guidelines. Rarely do you hear about security risks for tourists or accidents. The Uganda government ensures maximum security for tourists in the country and also for its citizens, these ranging from traffic police to national park police for all national parks in the county. Uganda is safe, but just like any country, you need to keep away from trouble and keep your self safe.
What is Gorilla Trekking
Gorilla trekking is an activity where by a group of people go searching for Gorillas in the wild. This involves a group of tourists who hike hills and beat the bush trying to follow and find a given family of mountain gorillas.
Dressing Code for Gorilla Tracking
Mountain gorilla trekking adventure can be wet and hot work. Hence the need to carry both a waterproof, jackets and a backpack to hold essentials like binoculars and cameras. Trekking can some times be through thick vegetation with thorns and climbing steep terrain. It’s advised to have good hiking shoes, long trousers, long sleeved shirts, sun cream, sun glasses, gloves, walking stick and a hat.
How do you deal with Tipping?
Tipping should depend on the level of service given by provider. There is no fixed rate in tipping in the country. Culturally people may not feel it appropriate to outwardly show their appreciation for money given, however salaries are generally low in Uganda compared to neighbouring tourism destinations and all tips will be greatly appreciated. On average tips are in the region of: 5-10% in restaurants; US$5-10 per day, per client for safari driver/guides and US$5-10 per client, per day for Ranger Guides; US$5 per day for porters on mountaineering/hiking safaris and US$3-5 for Forest Walk guides.
Do the drivers speak English?
Yes, all our guides / drivers speak English but can also give you another language speaking guide depending on request from the travellers who may not understand English. Its very advisable for the travel to inform us in advance for any language comfortable with on your safari.
When is the best time to travel to Uganda for a safari?
Uganda can be visited any time of the year due to its location next to the Equator. The country generally has cool temperatures with a period of rainy and sunny season. Even during the rainy seasons (March – June and October – November) it may rain for only one or two hours before the sun shines again. It rarely gets too cold, and is advisable to carry lightweight rain gear in the rainy season. It can get cold at night.
What is the Cost of Gorilla Permits in Uganda?
The price of a gorilla permit in Uganda is $700 for foreign nonresidents (FNR), $600 for foreign residents (FR) and 250,000 for East African Residents (EAR).
How far in advance do I need to book a gorilla permit?
Its advisable to book your gorilla permit as soon as possible to be on a safe side. Make sure that once you have purchased your permit a scan copy is sent to your email to be sure. Permits are sold up to 2 years in advance!
What are the gorilla permit cancellation penalties and policy in Uganda?
It is preferable that each person who books a gorilla tracking permit should be able to utilize it. However, where circumstances do not permit you to travel, the Uganda Wildlife Authority will not refund you any money, and the booking would be cancelled from 0 to 8 days, to the day of tracking. If the cancellation is between four to forty-five days before the activity, a 25% refund will be given. Should cancellation happen 46 to 90 days before gorilla trekking, a 50% will be made. If cancellation takes place 91 days beforehand, you receive a refund of 75%. The refunds only apply to those who paid the whole amount for the gorilla permit. If you had only made a deposit, you are not liable for any refund. In extremely rare cases where one fails to identify any gorilla, a complaint should be lodged with the UWA reservation office and a 75% refund will be implemented.
Is it possible to have a Flying safari instead of road?
Yes, charter flights are available to almost all safari destinations, and are a very time saving means of travel and you don’t get so tired. Though charter flights costs are high.

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